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  • Understanding the crowfunding platforms
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  • Putting together the perks
  • Offering in person perks
  • The importance of video in a crowfunding campaign
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  • Finding members of your team
  • Establishing the length of your campaign
  • Important things to do during the ampaign
  • The GOGOfactor
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  • How to maximize your exposure after the campaign
  • How to get your hands on the money you’ve amassed
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  • Introductory ‘What’s in the Box’ video
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14 Expertly Crafted Emails, Straight From the Brain of a True Conversion Master… All In the IM Niche… And Specially Priced Just For You!

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  • Introduction/Welcome
  • List Building & Email Marketing (Content)
  • List Building & Email Marketing (Promo)
  • Micro Niche Sites (Content)
  • Micro Niche Sites (Promo)
  • Authority Blogging (Content)
  • Authority Blogging (Promo)
  • Video Marketing (Content)
  • Video Marketing (Promo)
  • Teespring (Content)
  • Teespring (Promo)
  • Offline Marketing (Content)
  • Offline Marketing (Promo)
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  • Stealth Funnel Profits Overview
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  • Traffic! Building Your Subscriber List
  • Scaling Up Your New Business
  • Frequently Asked Questions


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  • Why you should create your own info product instead of selling someone else’s
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  • How to create an info product
  • Recommended tools for an information publishing business
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  • How negative feedback helps you improve
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