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  • Exactly what Pay Per Click (or PPC) marketing is and why and how these ads make marketers and businesses lots of money
  • The two types of PPC ads and the important but subtle differences between the both
  • The 6 steps you need to take to get your PPC Ad setup and online including the crucial step which largely determines how well your Ad performs
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  • The 6 main advantages of using PPC ads and how you can get ULTRA targeted traffic
  • The 6 actionable and important steps you need to get your PPV Ad live
  • 7 secrets to a winning PPV Ad campaign including the best way to start out with PPV if you’re a complete beginner
  • The 6 main advantages of using PPV ads including why you increase the chances of your Ad being seen and read
  • 6 specific steps you need to take to get your best banner ad space in place including 7 popular Ad networks you can use
  • 7 secrets to a successful Media Buys campaign including the one important step you need to take before approaching a large Ad Network
  • The 4 main advantages of using Media Buys
  • 8 important factors you need to consider before creating your facebook Ads
  • 8 killer tips from some of the savviest and most successful facebook marketing entrepreneurs on the planet.
  • 7 secrets to a winning facebook ad campaign
  • 10 real life examples of facebook Ads that work and more importantly why they work.


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  • Introductory ‘What’s in the Box’ video
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